Digital Marketing Company for Beauty Salons | Langley | Surrey

Digital marketing may seem a little excessive for beauty salons however it is a great way to enhance your salon’s brand value and brand awareness. It also helps with higher-quality lead generation, in other words, more customers will be attracted to your business. The social media marketing campaign for your salon must focus on these two important elements. This is a fierce market to survive in, especially the competition that is available today, in order to become a top draw salon, you need to get into a good digital marketing campaign. The services of a digital marketing company for beauty salons have become a genuine necessity. It helps promote your business in the local area through various small campaigns which is generally done by the professionals from the marketing company. Let us explore how we can improve on generating more customers to our business in this article.



It is quite evident that you need a strategy in place to help boost your salon sales. You can help spread awareness by utilising the tools at your disposal, mainly social media. This way you can engage targeted customers and convert them into your potential clients. The main mediums for customers to get in touch with your salon is Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Here are a few strategies that can help boost your customer base:

  • Content posting – Catchy and interesting posts always seem to draw customers. You need to post funny, witty and informative content to lure customers. These posts can also have information about the services you are offering along with special offers that may sound attractive. At the end of the day, customers look for premium service at low costs and if your posts can highlight these, then you are in for a treat.
  • Make your brand distinctive and unique – You should be able to understand what your brand stands for, the personality it projects and most importantly who is your target audience. Tone of voice, colour scheme, your business logo and imagery are all important aspects that comprise you’re branding. It is always beneficial to see your competitors, the top guns of your trade and make your branding changes accordingly.
  • Use Facebook and Instagram as key communication – In today’s age everyone is on social media, this can be used to your advantage. It allows you to make posts about your business, the services you offer, schemes, special discounts, at work etc. Think about what you require form a salon and offer something different to your customers.
  • Post lots of customer pictures – The best way to take advantage of a social media platform is to showcase your work. You can show good resolution pictures of your salon, your team, the makeovers, the hairstyles, nail art, all your manicure and pedicure services. Most of your customers can get tagged which only increased your exposure on this platform.
  • Offer exclusive deal and targeted Ads – Customers tend to like your page on Facebook and twitter, you can post exclusive deals to entice your customers, give them coupon codes to avail special discounts. Facebook and Instagram Ads help you get a target audience, a certain demographic that helps you choose your customers. This lines up to hot leads for your business.
  • Website & Pricing – A website helps you get your business out to a customer offering all sorts of business information. They can view your website before setting up an appointment. So regular website maintenance is mandatory. These will inform your customers about the price range and special discounts that your business can offer to rope in as mainly customers as you can. It has to look attractive.
  • Loyalty Schemes & newsletters – Clients who regularly patent your business could be rewarded with loyalty cards, these are cheap and easy to make. This is definitely NOT a deal-breaker and on the contrary is a huge reason for them to come back and bring in referrals. Regular newsletters can be sent out to the customers who are signed up for news on latest trends in the market and offers that your business can provide.

Digital Marketing company for beauty salons are necessary part of the business and hiring them makes a lot of sense for you to focus on your business while they take care of the marketing and build a brand and customer base for you. Times have changed, and you need to get in sync with reality, Digital Marketing is the present and future of business.